Buy insulation from our shop cheap and review of all of the products available for purchase through our website. Buy great products from our Plasterboard Category online at Nylon Hammer Fixings Drywall Screws and Bits Laminate Board Fixings Insulation Supports Thermostats Thistle Multi Finish plaster 25kg bag £8.04 Knauf Bonding Compound Plasterboard Adhesive 25kg £8.29 Cut nice square 200x400 holes in the plasterboard where the fixings will be. The different grades of insulation can vary from fibreglass up to high performance phenolic foam insulation. This way, you'd know how many lengths are needed. What is the maximum distance a Gypframe MF5 Ceiling Section can span; Why don't you show a deflection head on Timber Stud partitions; What centres are Gypframe GL1 Lining Channels, Gypframe GL2 Brackets, Gypframe GL9 Brackets, and Gypframe GL12 Brackets installed when fixing Gyproc plasterboard (GypLyner wall & GypLyner ceiling systems) Insulated plasterboard fixings for ceilings. Insulated plasterboard comprises of a standard drywall plasterboard pre-bonded to an insulant. Drywall screws available up to 150mm Long with CE Approval EN 14566: 2008 & A1: 2009. Flexi slabs ensure essential tight fitting for thermal and acoustic integrity between frames in walls, partitions, floors and roofs, without the need for cutting or waste. ISF18A fixings are suitable for use with all types of insulated drywall boards. Suspended Ceiling Tiles Casoline Dry Lining Insulated Plasterboard. We have got rid of all the sources of penetrating damp (overflowing waterbutt, blocked drain, attached brick wall with no DPC). I'm not a plasterer or builder but I think the plasterboard job is sub-standard. 5 items. Insulated plasterboard is a commonly used building material, which consists of a sheet of standard plasterboard or gypsum board, and a sheet of insulating material sandwiched together into a single sheet.. Thermal Insulated Plasterboard - Buy insulated plasterboard to help meet Building Regulations and improve the thermal efficiency of your home. Leading stockist of Building Materials, Timber & Sheeting, Tools & Hardware, Bathrooms & Showers, Insulation, Paint & much more. We have an outbuilding (3.5 external walls) which we're trying to turn into an office. Shop online for all your ceiling, tile & grid, partitions, plasterboard, insulation and fixings. Reviews. Fixing insulated plasterboard to a (formerly) damp wall? Measure the width of the room to work out how many sheets of plasterboard you will need to cover the ceiling. 20 2. Extremely stable kingspan k15 60mm rigid floor insulation. This insulation backed plasterboard, or insulated plasterboard, meets all current building regulation standards. Plasterboard Plasterboard Accessories Plaster & Fillers Beads & Mesh Coving Metalwork Angles & Brackets Wall & Frame Ties Steel Reinforcement Joist Hangers Fixings & Connectors Varley insulation brings you insulation boards dry lining supplies screws and fixings suitable for walls roofs lofts and floors. Trade accounts available. Hi there. We supply the full range of Celotex, Kingspan and British Gypsum insulated plasterboard products. Fast FREE Delivery (over £300) Top Rated UK Supplier for Trade and DIY. K18 Insulated Plasterboard _____ mm thick, comprising a CFC/ HCFC–free and zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) rigid thermoset phenolic insulation core with 10 mm plasterboard facing bonded to its front surface and a composite foil facing on its reverse surface, manufactured* under a management system certified to BS / I.S. Perhaps you’re looking for soundproof plasterboard for absorbent noise cancellation, fire resistant plasterboard to offer some serious insulation or even moisture resistant plasterboard for more humid places, or something even more specific. Building Materials 5. Secure plasterboard with the Toolstation selection of plasterboard fixings and drywall tools from our screws and fixings range. Shop Today! Find a vast array of sizes of drywall screws in black phosphate and stainless steel, designed to fix plasterboard to wooden battens. Plasterboard Screws & Fixings. With our head office and 30 branches located in Tyne and Wear, Durham, Teesside, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Cumbria, the company is able to supply … The Celotex PL board has the premium PIR foam backing whereas GD 5000 has a high performance grade insulation backing. Please select your collection branch... Add first Review. Kooltherm® K17 Insulated Plasterboard is manufactured to the highest standards and certified under the following management systems: Product Description Kingspan Kooltherm® K17 Insulated Plasterboard is a super high performance, fibre-free rigid thermoset phenolic insulation, sandwiched between a front facing of tapered edge gypsum based plasterboard, and a reverse tissue based … Pack quantity. Swiftfix in Southampton supply a large range of Self Drilling Screws & Drywall Screws. IBOARD P17 insulated plasterboard is an internal lining product composed of a closed-cell thermoset polyisocyanurate foam core bonded to a 10mm deemed-to-satisfy non-combustible gypsum based plasterboard. Insulated plasterboard is an excellent way to minimise labour costs on a renovation/new built project and save time. It all moves when you push it. Sort by: Relevance. It's about 150 years old, solid walls and when we moved in there was major damp. Buy great products from our Plasterboard Fixings Category online at Fixing in to Timber Stud Walls, Fixing into Metal Plasterboard Frames. Thermal laminate plasterboard combines the qualities of plasterboard and insulation in one package, making it a convenient and affordable choice for many building applications. . Category. Insulation Wholesale offers thermal plasterboard products from reputable brands such as Kingspan Kooltherm K118, Ecotherm Eco-Liner, and Quinn Therm QL Kraft. Show products only available in my area. Huge Range of Plasterboard, Insulated plasterboard from Celotex, Kingspan and more at Metal Frame Plasterboard ceilings (MF ceilings) is a Suspended Ceiling System suitable for most internal drylining applications. Rockwool Flexi Slab is a unique, flexible-edged insulation product, specifically developed using patented technology for a fast and easy, perfect friction fit between timber and metal frame systems. Also different thicknesses of plasterboard are used dependent on the grade of insulation bonded to it. Star Rating. FREE Delivery (over £300) Top Rated UK Building Supplier for Trade and DIY. It’s a preformed sheet of plaster held together between two sheets of heavy paper. Price. We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products at great low prices The … Continue reading → They can be used in conjunction with dot and dab adhesive (3 per board) or in place of it (12 per board), to ensure stability of the boards in the event of a fire. i would try to aim for a 50mm insulation on a 12.5mm board, you will really notice the difference. Rawlplug 5. The Pros and Cons of Insulated Plasterboard. It's an aluminium frame with lightweight tiles, ply, 2 layers of celotex then insulated plasterboard. We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products at great low prices After all, if you haven’t worked on wall or ceiling project before, you might not know what plasterboard is. Suspended Ceiling Tiles Casoline Dry Lining Insulated Plasterboard. A handy SDS adapter enables Insofast insulated plasterboard fixings to be hammer driven at speed to reduce the labour costs for internal solid wall insulation upgrades. The gaps are very large and the plasterboard doesn't look as if it has been secured firmly. Drywall Screws for fixing Dry Lining Boards such as Plasterboard, Tuffboard, Cementitious Boards. EN ISO 9001:2008, BS / I.S. Insulated Plasterboard.