Their teak oil product is formulated with UV inhibitors and is well-suited for outdoor applications. I would really appreciate any insight. But the nature of oil-based varnishes is that they yellow over time. Looking forward to your response. thanks. And so their resistance to UV is not much better than regular varnish. Hey Alex. Boysen Clear Mixing Lacquer B-1310 1 Liter ₱ 173.00. My problem: I refinished my Victorian interior woodwork with several coats of Ben Moore oil based sanding sealer. I’ve used epoxy and am told I need to finish it with Marine Varnish. I’m guessing you might want a more industrial style finish, ideally. They all yellow over time. Would that be a good product to use? boysen 58 spar varnish 4l miscellaneous. Do you concur with my plan or do you have other advice? I have some McCloskey that we used on our boat. I am using steel glides on the feet AND I’m also giving them your epoxy treatment for good measure. Sadly today you can’t buy real oil based varnish anymore and I don’t think I should use a Poly. I have a 1965 Starcraft boat with mahogany veneer on it. Any advice would be mush appreciated. Waterlox, a tung oil is what we are using on our Ikea butcher block, it comes highly recommended. For example, I have used Formby’s Tung Oil Finish for years with great results, which I know is just a wiping varnish, and I was wondering how it compared to the Arm R Seal you use on your projects. I’m trying to determine the best way to refinish an automotive shift knob. I even put the plastic spill catcher under them, but I think there must have been some spillage that went unnoticed. Varnish There are 5 products. Southern California patio — lots of rain this year. I know you like the Epifanes but that seems like a pure marine spar (aka softer). This table will be stored outside 100% of the time. I actually took it off my to do list on my dvr and then after a year or more put it back on and it was still just reruns. Hi…read thru posts but didn’t find answers to what need….I just sanded 2 7ft rocky mtn pine beetle kill benches for outdoor use in Denver. I want something that will ward off the water. 3 reviews. Hi….i have been reading and realmy enjoying your comments. One option would be to carefully scrape and sand the finish until you start to approach the paint layer. 4. I would like to stain it a darker color and finish with some type of top coat, but not mineral oil, tung oil, etc. I am looking for a finish that will give me a very clear look (non yellowing) an oil varnish, and one that will resist water fairly good. View Product; Boysen Water White Clear … Hi Jeanie. Can the spar varnish you recommend be put over the lacquer? Principal uses: Enhances wood grain of furniture, fixtures, cabinets, doors, doorjambs and panels. Recoat after twelve (12) hours I was told that the pressure treated needs at least a year to cure before paint could be applied. See pics . A normal oil varnish like a polyurethane for flooring can be hard but offers barely (if any) UV protection. Thank you. Even put on as a final coat, you’ll still get some of the color you don’t really like. I used white chalk paint but need to seal the wood with something to keep stains away and make the wood harder as it dents to easy. Based on what I’ve read on this site and others, I’m thinking that I should apply a few coats of spar vanish to finish the table. And that probably won’t change what you do to treat it so its a bit of a moot point. Would a 50/50 mixture hold up well, or do you or anyone else have suggestions? Considering using something indoor/outdoor use and epiphane varnish seems to be the answer…any insight? Sounds like a good idea to me. no need to reply – project is finished and went well. Hard to say if they will be “as good” but they should work quite well. To preserve it I used Johnson floor wax. Thanks for your assistance! Does one have more solids, or different solids, than the other? It is a beer pong table. I will obtain some sort of cover in the future, yet it will be exposed to moisture from time to time. Cheers, Tim. Hey Marc, does spar varnish provide any extra water-proofing over poly? Hello, I am interested in your advice concerning the finishing of an exterior fiberglass door. I don’t know if this is standard practice for all uv-protecting varnishes but that’s at least one example. Generally speaking, the oil-based product will be more more durable and will look better. You can varnish anywhere between 50 and 80 degrees, but ideal conditions are 55 to 65 degrees with 45 to 55 percent relative humidity. I would probably go for what I like to call the “bulletproof” finish. I need some advice as to how to procede with a spar varnish product to provide a protective finish. So if the wood absorbs moisture, the finish will expand and contract with the wood and won’t crack. Now if you should be able to get all the varnish off without damaging the paint, you’re best bet is to get away from oil-based finishes all together. This is why I can’t pursue the easier option of just buying a new seat! The shipwright, Lou Sauzedde, gives some great tips on how to easily apply varnish using thinner, the right brushes and TotalBoat Gleam varnish. Now if for some reason there is already poly on the door, the oil/varnish blend might not be the best option, because the wood is already sealed. View Product; Boysen Titan Superflex White . Ultimately, any finish at that thickness is probably going to yellow to some extent over time. Do I lightly sand between coats? Good day. I have several projects I’d like to keep outside. What do you think I should use? I am looking for a good finish for some cherry coasters, which will obviously get wet from time to time. Very sad. P 422.00. Any suggestions would be appreciated.