Remove the old pocket door from the opening and detach the hardware so it can be reused on the new one, if necessary. I can speak for a lot of us on the How-To Community by saying that what a great project you did on making the pocket door project really work out for you! These cuts will be made approximately where the red lines are. How to install a pocket door. ), extra privacy, and it still gives us that bit of hallway wall space to decorate. Pocket doors come in kits that contain the door itself and the frame -- which includes the jamb for the door opening and the pocket, which is hidden inside the wall. They saw how the doors saved space. The baseboard will be flush with the 5/8 inch drywall, so prep happens first: Install solid blocking between the studs at the base of the wall. The third one (28"), will have a prehung door reinstalled with the latch side on the side of the pocket opening.I understand the point made about strengthening the wall better on that side; my problem with this door is that there are walls running perpendicular to the pocket … Yes, you can install heavy pictures and items on the pocket wall if you use pocket door plywood clips. Mount pocket door frame. Next you will want to get your jig saw with a metal blade. These kits make installing a pocket door super easy. Drywall removal from a pocket door I just finished removing wallpaper from a room where they also put it on the pocket door so the scene could be completed when the door was closed. Keep me posted with this project and hit me with any other questions that you might have and thanks. First photo is of the Pocket Door Framing installed and the New Door hung. Second photo is of the drywall hung and the pocket door trim installed & Door hardware installed. These flush jambs remove the need for trim molding around windows and doors, creating a modern, minimalist look. After removing the trims, there will still be some screws on the track, and you need … There is a trick to removing them this article will provide the steps needed to successfully take down a pocket door. This kit should contain the door, split studs that allow the door to retract into the wall, a track on which the door runs into the wall, and door hardware. Measure the dimensions of the opening from the edges of the drywall that you trimmed and cut two pieces of new drywall to fit. You can see above how the door opened up into the hall and, with kids, it was just always open. The Gruemaster does bring up a good point. Imagine these are miniature versions of the entire kit going from floor to door header, I had no idea what I was looking at the first time I saw this picture, but this is exactly what you’re pocket door frame will end up looking like after you install the kit … just taller and wider, unless you’re doing this in a doll house. At the mouth of the pocket, install the door guides on the inside and outside of the door. You do NOT need to remove the trim! Here is the photo of the New Framing for the Pocket Door. I don't know about you but I'd sure like to shake the hand of the inventor of pocket doors! Learn how to install a pocket door by understanding its design, common hardware systems, and the step-by-step instructions for completing the job! Learn more and read our full disclosure policy here.. We chose to keep the pocket door installation as easy as possible, by using a pre-made pocket door frame and reusing the old door … This is a shot of the top of the pocket door frame to show you how they are installed. That sure is a lot of work to tighten a couple of screws. If you are wanting to install a pocket door in an existing wall you’ll have to remove some of those studs to create the rough opening for your pocket door kit. The hardest part was the Demo, since I was saving one side of the wall. So I am putting in a pocket door and I am working on framing in the rough opening. 1 doors: $160.56: $245.25: Pocket Door Installation Job Supplies Exactly how much trim you will have to take off is hard to say because door hardware and installation methods vary. It will cut the rest of the way down the 2x4 and it can also cut the nail holding it to the bottom of the wall. Removing a Pocket Door - Summary. Since the pocket door wall studs were normally 3/4-inch deep, the 1/2-inch plywood never had a chance of touching the moving door. WARNING!! Learn how to remove an old garage door and install a new one with these detailed step-by-step instructions. It only took a few minutes of extra time to do this. You do NOT need to remove the trim! Pry off the door casing on both sides of the door with a pry bar. This photo is of the other side of door. Next I will be adding all new Baseboards in the room. Replacing Pocket Door Track How to Change a Doorknob Give your doors a fresh new look in less than an hour with this quick, easy DIY. Always take important safety precautions when working with tools, such as dawning a pair of safety goggles, a dust mask, and a pair of protective gloves. For example, if you wish to install a sliding pocket door to divide a space into two separate room or if you want to replace ah hinged door to create a more fluid opening, choosing the open structure of our stud wall models may be the best solution, with the quickest installation times. The first step in selecting a pocket door is making sure you have sufficient room to install the pocket door. Pocket doors are easiest to install during the new construction phase, but can be added to existing walls with the proper planning and tools. If you have a handle or lock, install it now before removing the door to install drywall over the door pocket. You need to remove the pocket door and trim to … ... Cut an access hole in the wall with a drywall saw to remove the old track and install a new one. Re: retrofitting pocket door in lath and plaster One trick I fogot to mention --When cutting plaster - For a vibration free clean cut - I use a 5" grinder with a diamond masonry blade (similar to one used for cutting Brick) I cut the plaster with that & hold the end of a shop vac hose on the outfeed side of the blade - It cuts like a knife thru butter -- no vibration to the wall & very … Step 2- Install the pocket door kit. Install the pocket door "pulls" that accompany … Reader ineffablespace — who recently shared his terrazzo-like shower base using Corian ‘Silver Birch’ — discovered a sleek way to install flush window and door jambs — with EZY Jamb. I just realized, now that it's been removed, that they put drywall (at least that what it looks like to me) over the door so it would be a smooth surface. I had to perform surgery on the door with the reciprocating saw to get it out. Thank for any suggestions. Fitting double pocket doors is a fantastic way to improve the look of your home, and it's a great space saving door design which opens without obstructing the passageway at all. Be sure and remove the wood shims while you are removing the molding. With the drywall edge left ragged, the finish carpenter takes over—mitering the corners around the door and over the baseboard. If you have moderate home improvement skills, installing a pocket door is a weekend project, not including the time required for drywall repair and painting. Check out my YouTube Video of my project here.... This is going to lead us to step number 2. Removing a Pocket Door. And I used the Dremel Multi-Mac to cut behind the studs that I removed, to cut the sheetrock nails that were attached to the stud. The most common pocket-door hardware uses in-line rollers that go on a J-shaped single track. Here is the finished part of the framing for the pocket door. WARNING!!! It’s a bit more complicated than replacing a regular door, but you can do it! Attach the split jambs. Great job there Brandon! The other side of the pocket required the plywood pieces to be attached to the drywall before it was screwed to the pocket door wall studs. Tap the bar between the casing and … Install the Door Pulls. This project starts after preparation of the pocket door site has been completed --- drywall has been removed, studs, plates and sills have been removed, and electrical and plumbing issues have been handled. Similar to removing the door, it is a bit of a trick to get the door back on. I did not suspect that wall of being load bearing but incase it is, I think that maybe I have a solution. To remove the door, you must first remove enough of the trim on one side to allow the door to leave the pocket and swing freely. We are doing a step by step tutorial for a pocket door installation kit today. And you just can't "replace" one track for another without opening the wall to get to the pocket door frame to remove the old track and/or install a new one. There is a tool that I highly recommend having in your tool box. Your privacy is safe, even if your pocket door is in the bathroom. Avoid the spread of drywall dust, especially in a big project that involves removing all of the drywall from a room. The jigsaw will not quite make it to the bottom of the 2x4, so we will have to finish up with a jamb saw. Kits generally contain all the hardware you need. I’m sorry about that. It was a lot of work using the Jig Saw to ripe down the 2x4's, but once they were cut it was much easier to remove them. Removing 2x4s with sheetrock/drywall in place on one side?? Tim, Thanks for the compliment. Make sure the pocket door track is secure before you close up the hole in the drywall. Hang the door on the track by placing the rear side first. Replacing a Pocket Door. Place drywall tape and a few coats of drywall compound to the joints and reinstall the door. As with framing any doorway, you need to level the king studs and trimmer when you install them, and when you install the pocket door frame, you need shims between the outside jamb and the trimmer. Any other questions or concerns you have, please feel free to ask us again here on the community! Level the king studs with a 4-foot level and affix them to the top and bottom plates of the wall with 3 … That looks awesome! This is the side where I left the drywall in place while removing the studs and reframing. I also have to remove the framing above the door becuase I need to raise the height of the rough opening to 84 1/2 inches. There are double sliding doors that meet in the middle and one-sided sliding doors that meet the wall along the door frame when closed. The other side of the pocket required the plywood pieces to be attached to the drywall before it was screwed to the pocket door wall studs. Wallpaper all around. Score the paint & use a putty knife to protect the wall from the pry bar. Thanks for your help and suggestions. Purchase a pocket door kit at a hardware store. To install a pocket door in an existing wall, you have to remove drywall, and it's easier to uncover the entire wall instead of trying to work in a limited opening. It only took a few minutes of extra time to do this. You may be able to find pocket doors at lumberyards, too. You are obviously a very handy and ambitious person. They just want a cased opening. Pocket doors slide into the wall and disappear completely from view. Once the frame is in place, it’s time for the pocket door installation. Remove the Door Trim. Now I just need a little touch up of texture & paint and replace the door trim. Thanks to everyone at Home Depot!!! Make sure that the wall is not load bearing. A pocket door needs a cavity in the wall large enough to store the door when it’s open. No matter how well you plumbed the trimmer, you'll probably find a gap between the top or bottom of the door and the jamb. Pocket Door Installation Costs. For example, it is likely prohibited to install a pocket door in a load-bearing wall without first installing the appropriate alternative support before removing studs. You can correct this by adjusting the shims, the hangers or both. Carefully cut drywall and pocket door frame to allow a 2x4 "stiffener" on hinge side of the new door. Framing for a Non-Load-Bearing Door Header, How to Change a Regular Door Into a French Door, Remodelaholic: The Easy Way to Install a Pocket Door Frame in an Existing Wall, Johnson Hardware: Pocket Door Hardware Index, Home Renovations: Closet Doors That Slide Into the Wall, How to Install Pocket Doors for New Construction, How to Put a Sliding Door Inside of a Wall. And, even though I was able to make the walking into and out of our master bedroom easier by installing a pocket door, it did not make this awkward corner any easier to photograph. I’m using a pocket door kit from Johnson Hardware for a 36″ door. No one tells me anything around here :robotmad:. After this, I simply removed the drywall from the other side and pulled the frame out. That includes the track, which attaches to the header, the door hangers, which attach to the top of the door, brackets for securing the split stud to the wall plates and a latch mechanism. Using a 2×6 as a stand-in for your door, check for secure attachment to the track, smooth travel into the pocket, and easy access to adjustment screws. Great job I cant wait to see the door. Remodelaholic recommends consulting an engineer if you have any questions about the structure of the home. Want to just remove the molding without damaging the wall? I was going to use a 2x6 for the header is that right? Jan 22, 2014 - Detail description of how I installed a Pocket Door Frame Kit without damaging or removing ONE side of the Sheetrock / Drywall. Installing a pocket door is not quite as fast a project as installing a sliding barn door on the exterior of the wall, but, like we mentioned last week, we really love it for the sleek space-saving benefits (especially in an already narrow hallway, every inch counts! Photo attached, install new 2x4 in the blue areas. Get Help Before Attempting to Remove It!!! There are double sliding doors that meet in the middle and one-sided sliding doors that meet the wall along the door frame when closed. This is a common task when you are installing new flooring that is thicker than the old flooring. First photo is of the Pocket Door Framing installed and the New Door hung.